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Hello , mommies! Life has been crazy over here but I am feeling super blessed. Its been a while since I have been able to post and for very good reason :) If you would have asked me 4 years ago if I would have two babies under the age of 20 months, both teething and in diapers, I would have laughed at you! But God had different plans. His ways are better than ours thats for sure! Our sweet little Silas has been the best surprise we have ever received! He is such a blessing and such a joyful baby boy! I am so excited to launch my first of many blog posts for the year of 2018 bringing you my favorite baby products! 


Sam and Silas have both been teething together. Its been quite the journey lately but I seriously haven't been able to make it without our eco friendly Ecopiggy teethers & their nasal aspirator


(These boys are just the sweetest together!!!! But I have to be careful- one minute Sam is an angel and the next minute he is going at Silas' head like its an apple !)


The Calmies Eco Teether is super easy for my 4 month old to grab onto, and can easily be hooked onto a paci clip for convenience! The blocks have been fun for Sam as he likes to play with them one minute and chew on them the next! He has been biting and chewing on everything lately so he has really been enjoying these!!! 


The nasal aspirator has come in great use with the slightly runny nose that comes along with teething + the crazy thick pollen we have had around here in GA lately! It has my little Sam & Silas all clogged up on and off. The thing that I love about the nasal aspirator is how it is different from all of the other ones on the market! I love that there is no filter that you have to replace. All you do is simply wash the little parts out and they are super easy to clean and dry so there is no risk of bacteria forming! It comes with e carry bag, a cleaning brush and a travel cap. The tip is rubber so its soft touching their little noses. This is a must have with a baby!!! You can find all of their amazing products here and follow them on IG here



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While you are at it, go ahead and snatch up one of their awesome natural rubber pacifiers. Seriously- I'm in love with all things Ecopiggy! Silas loves his and I love how it resembles the breast as it lightly touches their nose. They have been the best pacifiers! ( And not to mention they match any outfit - its a win win! )


Have a wonderful week, mommies!!! 




Posted on April 24, 2018 .