Preschool Learning Letters & Numbers | Charlee and Me Creation

I recently stumbled across Charlee and Me Creation on instagram, and immediately fell in love with her shop! Lindsey is a former bilingual kindergarten teacher turned stay at home mommy of 2 precious little girls! She is so sweet to work with! If you follow her instagram, (which you should totally go do right now!! :) )  she is always posting new ideas and ways to use them for learning activities! As a fellow mom of preschoolers, I got major googley eyes when I seen these learning magnetic letters and numbers! I love anything that Mayci and Parker can use to further their little ever growing minds!

We personally use to have the little plastic ones and I got so tired of finding them strewed all over the house and worrying about whether or not the magnets were going to fall out, or if my littlest was going to choke on one! These are absolutely perfect because they are big enough for their little hands, and the magnets are sewed on the inside! How awesome is that? Its a plus that they are adorable!!! 

You can use them on the fridge, dishwasher, or anything else that is magnetic, or not! You can use them for so many various activities and we have really been enjoying them! 


On a side note: We start homeschool preschool this year! We have already pretty much gotten a jumpstart on it doing so many activities like these. I have been so amazed lately at how much she has been soaking up. She recently in the past month has learned how to write her first and middle name! Their little minds are just growing more and more every day at this age and its been such a fun age! Any other fellow moms of preschoolers who are homeschooling as well? I would love to connect and share ideas! This age is so fun for hands on learning and creative play, thats why we love these letters and numbers so much! 

Happy FRIDAY everyone!!!! I hope you have had a wonderful day and I hope you all fell in love with these as much as I did the first time I laid eyes on them! :) You should definitely go snag yours up now! Just for reading, you can get free shipping this weekend using the code:

FREESHIPPING on her etsy !!!!! 


Have a great weekend everyone!!!