Little Misfits | Product Review

Hi guys!! I am so excited to be blogging today for the first time in 2016. I have tons of amazing things coming your way this year in 2016, from product reviews, shop features, mommy talks, and other mommy hood-like things!!! If you didn't know already from following my instagram, we are expecting our 3rd precious baby at the end of the summer! The first trimester really kicked my butt, and finally getting good into my 2nd trimester i'm starting to all-in-all feel a lot better! I am so excited to start blogging again :) 


Tonight I would like to share with you guys about Little Misfits, an adorable business ran by a woman who knows how to really create down to earth, bold tee's with a purpose! When I first learned about them , what really got my attention were not only the cute bold lettering and baby tattoo sleeved shirts ( YES- she has tattooed shirts for babies that are stinkin adorable!!!) but the fact that they team up with charities for a cause!  Misfits for a cause are doing amazing things and blessing the lives of others by funding initiatives for adolescents and young adults diagnosed with cancer. You can check out more about that amazing information here

She strongly believes that some of the most important things are expressing your self & living out loud, which speaks straight to my kids heart because thats what they do on a daily basis :p Yours too!?!? Well then you would be the perfect customer! :)  These shirts are adorable and really "fit" my kids to a t!!!! They are soft and great quality. 


But really- "long hair don't care" is true. Because we don't care. You guys....She just turned 4 at the end of last year ( did i really just say my baby is 4?!?! 😢😭) And I still have yet to ever, EVER get her hair even trimmed. I just can't! Anyone else out there attached to your babies locks!? My mother in law does hair and has been begging and i mean begging me to just "trim" her hair for the longest time. I just can't bring myself for us to do it yet. Just not yet. So for now, and for a while longer, its gonna be the long hair I DONT care, because I don't care. I'm not cutting it yet!!!! :) Would you!?!?! I mean look how gorgeous!!! I have hair envy over my own child!!!! Crying over here. 🙋




And of course, for little man, always always killen us with his RADness-- Every. single. day. He's a rad little lad 😆😘






So you should definitely go check out Little Misfits and shop around for a while! Don't forget to show her some love on Instagram as well! 




Off to bed- i'm exhausted!! I'm feeling a bit right now about going to bed as May looks in this photo. So so excited. Whoohoo! Hope all you mamas have peaceful un-disturbed non-crying for milk nights rest. (haha we can dream, right?!) ;)








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Good Natured Child | Organic Cotton baby blanket

Babies sleeping are just the sweetest. I mean, aren't they? 😍 (When they actually sleep…😂.)  They drive you crazy sometimes and honestly sometimes throughout the day your all like "is it nap time yet?!" just so you can have a free moment. Especially lately I've been feeling that way- Major!


He's cutting teeth- he's wanting to nurse like all day like a newborn again. Except its so sweet at the same time. ❤️ These are the moments I want to cherish. Well they are, except most the time now days, in reality i'm just like "come on kid your 20 months time to qqquuuuiiittttt".  But then again life is good, mom life is wonderful and I just wanna keep trucking on! 🙌👌( Just not until he's 3. No offense to those who have, but that just doesn't float in my boat- Just being honest 😜) But it is, SO wonderful. ☝And by the way I am very proud of nursing him even this long and could really just give my self a pat on the back. Because really I never thought I would even nurse past a year! So i'm thrilled!!! Except really- I'm *almost* at the point of being done. But thats a different post for a different day! :)  Okay- thats not what this post is about. Here I am rambling! 

Today- Parker fell asleep for his nap- and it was magical. Mainly because naps are pretty much out of his plans these days. Its a fight to get him to nap just about every day now! He had been a doll baby ALL day long ( except when he pitched a fit 5 minutes after he woke up this morning for about 15 minutes because he couldn't eat a "pop pop" (sucker) for breakfast this morning.) But other than that, I really just did not want to lay him down! But mom duties call sometimes and every now and then I actually lay him down for his naps 😉

Today he fell asleep with his amazingly soft flannel organic cotton blanket handmade with love by Good Natured Child. (Except really- not pictured- he fell asleep in my arms first, and then I slowly put him down in my bed as gentle as I could so he wouldn't wake up 😜) Isn't he so sweet cuddled with this super soft (adorable) blanket!? I love the vintage vehicles on it. The colors are perfect too!! 

See?! Doll. Baby. I could stare at this sleeping baby all day long! 

Sandi, the sweet lady behind Good Natured Child has been sewing since she was a little girl. Good natured child was started when her grand babies were born! You can follow her stunning insta by clicking here !! 

She uses the most adorable organic cotton fabrics made by Birch Fabrics (which are FAB) and uses an organic flannel on the back of her baby blankets! She makes all kinds of amazing things like sensory blocks, baby blankets, baby bibs (which i'm totally swooning over and really want to get my hands on once we have another baby- one day!) hanging laundry baskets, burp cloths- you name it! 


Hope everyone had a snuggly day in this rainy weather with their sweet babies who sleep perfect! 😜😘





[ Disclaimer : This product was sponsored with love by Good Natured Child ]

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| Dairy Free Chicken Alfredo |

If there's one thing for sure; it's that being dairy free I have found a way around everything! Chicken Alfredo Is one of my favorite dishes. People are all "aw you can't have chicken Alfredo it has dairy- that stinks!" And I'm all like watch me! 😆 I searched Pinterest a while ago for a recipe for an Alfredo sauce that was dairy free and found this one. I tweaked it a lot , used what I had and made it into my own little chicken Alfredo recipe. And it is delicious.



Sauce ingredients: 

  • One pack of Daiya motzerella shredded cheese
  • 2 cups of original almond milk
  • 2 tbsp of Earth balance dairy free butter
  • sea salt, pepper, oregano, garlic powder & garlic salt
  • spinach leaves ( I chop mine) 
  • shredded chicken or pulled rotisserie chicken


- In a pot, melt butter & add milk on medium-high until hot. Add pack of shredded cheese and stir until thick melted & creamy. Add spices as you wish to taste. I don't really measure those :) 

- after its nice and creamy add in chicken and chopped spinach, keep on low and stir occasionally.  It will get thicker the longer it sits! And the next day left overs are even tastier! 

- Cook your noodles ( regular or gluten free! We do gluten free for little man since he's sensitive to it) 



-Add sauce in and enjoy! Now you have the tastiest dairy free chicken Alfredo for the whole family to enjoy!  

Happy cooking!  




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Fresh Apparel Tees | Fresh designs for your littles

Fresh Apparel Tees is a lovely mommy made business run by a mama of two and the business is not even a year new and she is boomin! She decided to take the plunge into the beautiful life of a stay at home mom and 7 months ago she picked up graphic design and started her company on a whim not knowing much. She used her marketing and branding background from being in the real estate business to help grow her business. Her business has since exploded with fresh tees for little ones & mommies! Her goal is simple, fresh & stylish mommy + baby tees. She felt like there weren't many choices and moms gotta be fresh too, right?! Visit her website here

Her tees are so unique and quirky as well :D Lets talk about this adorable ABC shirt. I guarantee most of you said + sang your alphabet like this (and probably still even do ;) )






And this cute adventure shirt, boys ALWAYS choose adventure! --------->




This week only we are offering $3 off of your purchase with Fresh Apparel Tees by using the code "mommyhood" at check out! Click here to get to shopping!


Have a Marvelous Monday, Happy shopping mamas!! <3







[ Thank you to Fresh Apparel Tees for providing the shirts ]

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Pumpkin spice & everything nice // Mini frosted pumpkin cakes

Fall is pretty much here. I think. It's kinda questionable if you live in the south but it's mid September so, I'll take it! :) I absolutely adore this tiny mini cupcakes with pumpkin!! I made them last year for the first time and now I have been craving them for the last two weeks !! I'm not a super big pumpkin person but having it in the cupcakes with the cinnamon is the! 😍 Not to mention they're amazing with coffee and it doesn't feel like a sweets overload because they're so tiny! But my problem is I just can't eat one 😂 okay- on to the recipe! 



Mini frosted pumpkin cakes 


  • 1 package yellow cake mix (regular size) ( we use Duncan Hines because it doesn't contain dairy) 
  • 1 can (15 ounces) solid-pack pumpkin
  • 3 eggs
  • 1/2 cup olive or canola oil
  • 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 to 2 cans (12 ounces each) icing of your Choice ( we use Duncan Hines because it doesn't contain dairy )

     I also add a pinch or two of chia seeds to add more fiber but it's optional 😊

    Bake at 350 for about 13 minutes or until they are ready with the toothpick test!  

    Add frosting ( or none if you don't want any) and sprinkle a little cinnamon if you wish! 



    Enjoyyyyy & happy fall ya'll! 🍂🍁 


    Original recipe found here 

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    Breastfeeding + Dairy free | Our journey


    I am embarrassed that it has taken this long to post this blog. I have been wanting to share our story for a long time!! Im going to share with you all our breastfeeding & food journey!! ❤️



    So what inspired  &  made me really want to start blogging all things of Mommyhood is our story on having to go dairy&wheat free from my sons food allergies! I know there are many mommies who can probably relate and who are probably at a loss of what to even cook these days! I have had so many private messages on my personal Facebook from friends and friends of friends asking how I figured out about the allergy/sensitivity, and what kind of foods we eat. I figured it would be so much easier to blog about it and let people read it :) In the future I will be sharing recipes & snack ideas for mommies who would love encouragement + recipes! Read our story below:  warning: it is very long 😘😘  


    Soon after I had my son, I was determined to breastfeed him at least a year, because I unfortunately didn't get to nurse my daughter but 3 1/2 months because I didn't educate myself beforehand and wasn't helped very much in the hospital with her. It was a long road with her and eventually I just had to switch completely to formula. There it was, I had given up. I felt so down about it and felt like such a failure of a mommy. It was hard. One of the most important things only mommy can give and I couldn't continue.  Mainly, because I just wasn't educated. I didn't know much about supply + demand, how to keep up when pumping and giving bottles. I was so excited about getting back to shooting sessions that I started back to work too soon. That means I would pump , send a bottle with my MIL or leave one for my husband to give to her, not pumping or nursing in between. Eventually my supply went down, she would get mad; push me away, I would cry, she would cry, you get it- it was just one big emotional mess. I tried everything I could to get my supply back up, and as I was working on it, a part on my pump broke. I gave up.. It was really hard and I was really hard on myself- but realized it just was not going to work for us. 

    After learning everything I could about breastfeeding, I was ready! I was determined, people. I was determined to breastfeed my next one at least a year! Well, when Parker was about 3 weeks old, he started showing signs of "colic" and had "acid reflux". He started to get congested in his nasal.  Every night at the same time for about 2 hours, he was inconsolable.  He would scream and scream and absolutely nothing helped him! I would nurse him, rock him, do the bicycle on his legs, give him gripe water, nurse him, etc. Until eventually he would calm down. I started to think maybe it was the caffeine I was drinking because he was literally so stimulated his arms would start shaking! A lot of people told me "oh its just normal to have a witching hour", or "oh he will grow out of it in a few months". Something in my mommy intuition told me that it wasn't normal. He also had a bad rash on his face that was way worse than just the normal baby acne. 


    I had a sweet friend message me telling me the possibilities of it being dairy in my diet. She told me she had to completely eliminate it and that maybe I should try that too and see if it makes a difference! (I'm not talking just cheese milk etc- we are talking everything made with milk! And seriously, everything seems to contain "milk". Everything in our pantries, powder stuff, everything ya'll) I thought about it and it made complete sense because lets be real, us postpartum moms, breastfeeding or not, we are hungry ALL the time! I think it was worst postpartum than in my pregnancy! I was KILLING the peanut m&ms, kit kat candy bars, cheesy pastas, queso dip, chickfila chicken biscuits ( say what?? Chickfila chicken has milk? Why yes it does! And the butter on those biscuits? You betchya!) you name it , I was eating it! Everything that our family and friends brought us to eat after having him seemed to have cheese in it. (Which was non the less heavenly.) I decided to give it a try, even if it took me just eating turkey and mustard sandwiches, black bean burritos with spinach and ritz crackers with peanut butter for a week straight. I was determined to figure it out and determined to breastfeed a year! It was my own personal goal and sacrifice. Usually it can take up to 2 weeks to get out of their system, and really start seeing a difference, but not always. I'm telling you, within 48 hours of eliminating it, he was a totally different baby. He went from being kinda fussy throughout the day and screaming fits at night (along with spitting up throughout the day) to being a happy content baby, no spit up, congestion was gone and one who then started sleeping for hours and hours straight at night and no more screaming fits! It was glorious. 

    If your not familiar with food sensitivities in babies, this is some good information on Kelly mom. If I hadn't have had my friend message me and tell me it may  be dairy, I would have never known. And it would have just gotten worse. So mommies, if your babies have any of those symptoms, look into what you are eating and just try to eliminate things and see if it helps symptoms. I am so glad I did ! The doctor told me "it's probably just a sensitivity so you can still eat it, he will get use to it. If it's an allergy he would have blood in his stool". Okay- that's great- I thought!! It's just s sensitivity and he will grow out of it! But I'm still not eating any dairy for the sake of me enjoying food for a second and him screaming every night 😳

    I searched and searched Pinterest for ideas and recipes for dairy free and it took me a while to really build up my recipes and get replacements established. Every now and then I would try something that had a little milk in it just to test and see, (something as simple as chickfila chicken which I LOVE) and within 24 hours he would be throwing a fit, tummy tight, gas and all. It was terrible! I would do that every now and then and it would always be within 24 hours! The only time he would act like that would be when I would have something made with just a little milk (like the Chickfila chicken) So, then I had my confirmation and answer. It was indeed the dairy. If I dare tried ranch dressing on my salad? instant congestion within 24 hours.
    We also found out later after starting him on solids that he also has a sensitivity to gluten-wheat. I will make a different post about that journey soon! 

    Since we were told he would most likely grow out of it, I would stil try stuff here and there. When he started solids and was close to 10 months, we were having dinner at my parents. My husband and I were curious to see how it would do going straight to his tummy instead through my breast milk. We gave him   one piece of macaroni and cheese, and then without us knowing he had found a few m&ms on the floor that my daughter and niece dropped , but didn't know that until we found the left overs on his shirt. Within 30 minutes his tummy was hurting, I felt so terrible. He was screaming so we gave him gripe water and soon he calmed down. That night, he had acid reflux for the first time  since he was a month old. He also had mucusy diapers and was wheezing in his chest, along with nasal congestion. I slept with him upright on my chest all night. I felt so terrible 😔

    After all of that, I was not going to attempt to try anything more. I felt like by that point if it were just a common sensitivity he would have outgrown it. I had a feeling then it was an allergy. Later on down the road, we learned after he snuck a few sips of his cousins whole milk in her sippy cup, that he had an actual allergy. For two hours after he got ahold of her cup, he had bloody mucusy diapers :( it scared me half to death! Then we realized though we had an allergy on our hands.



    I never thought I would be the mom who breastfed longer than a year. I never ever had anything against it, I just figured "okay we will nurse a year and i'll be done". Well we are going strong at 18 months now. Am i ready to throw the towel in? Sometimes. Especially lately.  But I am still enjoying some moments of it as well. Its our bond, and i'm his comfort. I wouldn't trade the moments we have had for the world! (Except maybeeee sometimes at 3:00 in the morning ). It's awesome to be able to just fix everything and nurse him to calm him right down. The benefits of breastfeeding are amazing, so any last drop he can get the better right ? 😂 Read here on the benefits of nursing past a year. So thankful to have been able to provide it for him for this long! Not only is it beneficial health wise, but the bond is like no other❤️ it really is indescribable. This whole journey hasn't been easy that is for sure, but every step I have had to take to make sure he is breastfed and comfortable has been worth it. It really is a sacrifice ❤️


    When I started eliminating dairy it was a slow but cold turkey process of that even makes any sense 😂 I felt like I didn't eat much for weeks, just the same stuff over and over ahain I finally got grounded in some good recipes and am still learning more everyday!! My favorite so far is the dairy free gluten free chicken Alfredo. Yes, that is possible! And it's So yummy! I will be sharing that one very soon! When we plunged into the dairy free world , my husband didn't realize what we were getting into. Heh. He is such a cheese lover , lover of all cheese and wished our fridge overflowed with lots of chocolate ice cream 😂. When I started dairy free however, I did not think nor expect him to do it with us! We had already been very limiting on the cheese and dairy intake of my 3 year old when she would have a runny nose because of it making her mucus thicker and then getting ear infections, but my husband was a lover of all dairy. He fizzled out of eating it so much and just kinda without meaning to jumped on the bandwagon with us. ( mainly because I do all the grocery shopping and cooking 😘) I am so thankful for such a supportive husband! ( I will say he has had his chocolate ice cream and cheese when we are out) 

    This dairy free journey hasn't been so bad after all. I have learned a lot about the food we eat and started reading labels like a mad woman. I lost all of my pregnancy weight almost instantly and started feeling so great. It's amazing how different you can feel eliminating certain foods!  

    People ask me all the time " when your done breastfeeding are you going to go back to eating dairy?" - The answer is - every once and a while I will have a treat- but honestly for the most part- I think that I will be good just staying dairy free. We have adjusted so well with alternatives for pretty much everything ( have I mentioned how much easier it's getting to find dairy free products?) and we feel so good why add it back?  I could go into detail about how this has really been beneficial for Tayler and my health, but I don't want this to be too dragged out ;) 


    (My Parker man at 3 weeks snuggled in our  Sakura Bloom  RS) &nbsp;

    (My Parker man at 3 weeks snuggled in our Sakura Bloom RS)  

    Thanks for reading! If you have any questions please feel free to comment! ❤️❤️ Can't wait to share recipes with you all! 




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    Highlights from our {very much needed} Vacation

    I have always cherished home videos so much. Growing up I would just watch all of the vhs Recordings that we had in our entertainment center all the time! It would always bring back memories and fun times that we had. My dad recorded ALL the time when I was little and I'm so thankful that he did! I love looking back at them now from when I was a baby up until a preteen and being able to show my kids! They think it's pretty cool to see their mommy as a little one too 😊 I have realized over the last year or so that I need to be recording more because there are so many moments I have recorded on photographs and not enough on video! I am so glad I recorded so many highlights of our trip even if it was just on my iPhone camera! I will be doing more of it, that's for sure. Enjoy ❤️❤️

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    Fall Style Promo 2015 // Knits, leggings & scarves, Oh my!

    Guys, I am so ready for fall !!! Fall is my favorite time of the year. When I was younger I was all about summer, and when I became a mommy that changed. Mainly because here in GA our summers get some kind of HOT + bad humidity and it just gets miserable after a while! When you don't live near the beach and don't have a pool, summer gets old fast. At least for me anyways!:) it's nice to an extent , but there's just something about that new season of fall that just makes me happy! The cooler weather, the smell of pumpkin spice, being able to dress cute and not worry about sweating to death & fun cozy sweatshirts. That's my kind of season :)


    Sometimes it can be hard dressing our little ones in cooler weather, though.  Knitting Nannies & Little Stars Handmade have made this task easier for us! We got together and did a Fall promotional shoot to display Little Stars adorable leggings as well as Knitting Nannies amazing scarves & hats! They are all so versatile and can go with so much! ( and not to mention they are so so soft )  Don't let these photos fool you into thinking we are already into cooler weather, it was about 98 degrees with 90% humidity this day- these kids are champions! They did so well dispite the heat. We had lots of Popsicles water and gummie snacks to keep them happy and hydrated!! Props to these little models!!! (AKA- our adorable kids!!!!) 



    We also had a few other amazing shops contribute to our wardrobe. You can click their name to check out their Instagram pages!  








    Enjoy friends!!! 😍😊 

    (Again- it was SO hot and these two cuties would not leave their cute shoes and boots on- with or without them they are still adorable!) 

    (Again- it was SO hot and these two cuties would not leave their cute shoes and boots on- with or without them they are still adorable!) 

    These TP pants are so cute!!!  

    These TP pants are so cute!!!  

    Shirt from live learn hope apparel! Pants from farm fresh denim ❤️ Camera made by me!

    Shirt from live learn hope apparel! Pants from farm fresh denim ❤️ Camera made by me!

    How cute are these mint triangle leggings?!  

    How cute are these mint triangle leggings?!  

    Look at that face and that cute fox hat! Ahh❤️ 

    Look at that face and that cute fox hat! Ahh❤️ 

    These mustard sweater knit pants are the cutest!!!  

    These mustard sweater knit pants are the cutest!!!  

    Toddler life- sour patch kids &amp; Moccs 👌🏻 

    Toddler life- sour patch kids & Moccs 👌🏻 

    Happy fall shopping everyone !!!  ❤️❤️ 

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    Avery & Austin | Perfect Playdate

    I am constantly making sure Mayci plays with stuff that she can be creative with and that lets her explore her creative side and stimulation such as play dough, sand, legos, and even the most random kitchen items combined with her own stuff! Sometimes it just gets hard trying to come up with something else "crafty" when she gets bored, because lets face it, between my demanding (and super sweet & wild) nursing 18 month old who is cutting teeth & my photography business, I just don't have the time to always think about it! I recently came across Avery & Austin and their amazing playdate boxes! Avery & Austin is a company ran by two mommies who realize too how important it is for these motor skills and creative play. Their vision for Avery & Austin is to have everything your child and their friend need for a fun unique craft (and even a healthy snack! ) all inside one box for the perfect playdate. Each month is a different theme and includes enough for a playdate of two (and also includes a little special something just for mommy!!! ) You can read more about them and get to know the sweet moms here! :D


    I have had the privilege of meeting a sweet new mama friend over the last few months (who crochets the most beautiful items by the way! Check out her instagram and Facebook - She is seriously the best!) Her son and my daughter are literally two peas in a pod!!!! They are becoming the best of friends and its so sweet watching them play. I seriously have never seen Mayci jive this well with any other kid her age. They love to color together, play superheros, and play pretend of all sorts of things ( like being frogs and astronauts). You name it! So of course we had to share our Avery & Austin playdate box with them!! 

    This last months box came with some cute little goodies for a "back to school" theme such as pencils, pencil sharpeners, The Duck Brand Duct tape, paper clips, some yum little dynamo bites by Revolution Foods , some cute little pencil pouches with markers for them to decorate and be creative with, and a cute zipper pouch just for mom from Dogeared!

    Clearly, they were having a BLAST!

    Clearly, they were having a BLAST!

    Asking him who is in his photo :)

    Asking him who is in his photo :)

    I mean I just have to brag for a second- are these not super adorable and amazing for a 3 year kid & 5 year old?? This was their finished product- Top one is Maymay's and she said it is "her and her friend Jude", and bottom is Jude's- he says its his family plus Mayci Parker and me too, hahah! How adorable are these?!

    Thank you Avery & Austin for helping host such a fun playdate and sending items that kept them busy and creative for a long time (and us mamas actually got to have some coffee and chat time together!) We loved seeing their little faces light up! I know they will hold on to these special little zipper pouches for a long time :) They so enjoyed coloring these together & their yummy snack!!!

    (Adorable hat by  Wild Sunshine Threads  &amp; sweet "little"&nbsp;shirt by  River and Grace Co . )

    (Adorable hat by Wild Sunshine Threads & sweet "little" shirt by River and Grace Co. )

    If you would like to subscribe- I would love if you used my referral link! You can click here to order your first box today! 

    Hope everyone has an amazing day & lots of fun playdates! 









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    Soul Slings

    I recently got a Granite single layer linen sling from the company Soul Slings. They are based in India and their company is just over a year old! They sell ring slings in linen, cotton linen blend and handwoven cotton. They are all so beautiful & well made!



    Why do I love ring slings? I love all types of carriers, but personally love a ring sling. The comfort and ability to use it easily is the main reason! I love how you can spread the material wide on your shoulder to even out weight and it gives much needed support down your back to carry from infant to toddler! I seriously feel like they are weightless when I'm carrying my 17 month old or even my 3 1/2 year old in a ring sling! Its so nice to be hands free too :) The rings are nice and sturdy as well! It might take a little getting use to if you have never used a ring sling before, and if you need help they have tons of helpful information on their website!  

    There are quite a few different ways to carry in a ring sling and thats also what I love about them! You can start them as a newborn and carry them facing toward you with their knees bunched up tightly snuggled against you, facing outward sitting cross legged, on your hip and even on your back as they get a lot bigger! You can also nurse in them as well as it doubles as a nursing cover :)


    So mamas, I really highly recommend Soul Slings if your looking for a ring sling for a great price too! It is one of the most high quality slings I have seen and plus, Parker really likes it! He isn't a fan much of the other one we have so that says a lot about Soul Slings :)  As soon as I got it out the box and put him in it he giggled and smiled really big! He instantly cuddled up against me and wrapped his little arms around me as they were tucked inside the sling. It was the sweetest thing!!!! 

    To purchase you can check out their website, and be sure to check out & like their Facebook page as well as follow them on Instagram


    | A big thanks to Soul Slings for the ring sling & to one of my sweest friends Melody for snapping these photos! You can check out her blog here |