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JJ Cole - Bundle me up and take me out |Review|

| This post was sponsored by JJ Cole and items were sent in exchange for honest review |


Sometimes you just have to "bundle up" and go on an adventure! Being home all day with two active toddlers and a newborn, its SO refreshing just to get out in nature, go on adventures and play in the leaves! The mornings have been the perfect time because the weather is cool and crisp, and the kids are rested and happy! Plus, kids take better naps when they have been active all morning, right?! ALL of us mamas know how important nap time is! ;)

 I absolutely love this season of life that we are in. AND the season of the year, too! With the leaves changing, it brings all sorts of warm feelings (and pretty warm colors, too!). I love the simplicity of childhood. Finding sticks, playing in leaves and in dirt are just a few of my kids favorite things!

S I M P L I C I T Y.

Toddlerhood is beautiful, exciting, adventurous and so simple.


it really is the little things to them. Making memories that will last them a lifetime. By nature, children just love to get down in the dirt and play, and get dirty!

Our trip to the park this week couldn't have been a smoother "ride" for Sam! Having our JJ Cole "bundle me" for the stroller was just the perfect addition to making sure he was happy, cozy and warm while we ventured out and looked for rocks, sticks and play in the leaves.

The JJ Cole Bundleme has been around for more than 15 years! It is an amazingly simple, and stylish solution for bundling your little ones without having to worry about their blankets falling out of the stroller! How many of you mommies usually just wrap a blanket around your little ones to try and keep them warm but constantly have the problem of the blankets falling off? Which usually result in running it over with the stroller by accident and then it getting super dirty! At least in our case anyway. Can I get an amen? This use to happen to me all the time! The bundle me makes it so much more simple. Its a plus that its super cozy as well and has an easy zipper for adjusting and just clips around the back of the strollers !! Can I have an adult size please??? 




We have the "Urban Ice" color and I love how neutral it is! 




He was so cozy in his bundle me, I even got to play in the leaves with my sweet precious babies!

No matter how overwhelmed you may feel some weeks, how sleep deprived you may feel, or how hard it is sometimes venturing out with your kids, remember,

"How we spend our days is, of course; how we spend our lives". - Annie Dillard


Go out for an awesome adventure, let your kids be kids and explore, and go home for an amazing nap! :) Not a better way to start the weekend! 


Happy Friday Mamas!! 


| This post was sponsored by JJ Cole and items were sent in exchange for honest review |