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Frozen Sprinkled Yogurt Bites | Diary-Free

We are always looking for ways to keep cool in this HOT Georgia summer heat! This is one of my favorite snacks to make in the summer for the kids! There are so many things you can make with yogurt and this is one of them! The only downside is they can melt pretty quickly after taking out of the freezer but the kids LOVE them. Who wants to eat yogurt with a spoon anyways? And sprinkles always make things more fun! Ive seen all sorts of ideas with yogurt but we can't have regular yogurt in our house because of Parker's dairy allergy. Since he was born and we had to adjust to that, we have all pretty much been dairy free since. I will be talking more about that in a separate blog post coming up soon! Needless to say, we used Silk's dairy-free vanilla flavored yogurt! These little bites are so yummy! 

All you need :

  • Cookie sheet
  • Wax paper
  • Yogurt of your choice
  • Ziploc bag
  • Sprinkles (if you want!)


Put them in the freezer for at least an hour! Take them out and scoop them into a bowl or eat off the tray :)

They didn't enjoy them one bit! ; )

What are some of your favorite summer treats?! Share them under comments if you would like!