Toomies Pirate Ship | Toy Review

Happy Friday Friends!!! The Toomies Pirate Ship is just setting sail on target online and your local target store! This toy features a pirate, little rescue boat and pirate ship! Silas loves playing with this ship every time he gets in the bathtub! Sam loves to squirt water from the octopus. Even the older ones have fun playing with it! Its definitely a versatile toy for all ages.


Hope you have a great weekend & don’t forget to take a look in the baby section next time you stroll through target!


| These toys were recieved from TOMY toys for honest review |

All images remain in the copyright of Anna Daniels Photography

Posted on November 2, 2018 .

TOMY Toomies | Toy Review

Hey mommies! Tired of the overwhelming choices of baby and toddler toys when you go shopping ? Well stress no more :)

Toomies are a line of toddler toys that encourage playtime and support childhood developmental milestones! This line features 3 new toys that are good for hand eye coordination, boosts their creative side, and also gives them a little exercise while keeping them running or crawling for the toys as they build, roll away and pop out!

They have really kept the babies entertained while I tend to the older ones for homeschooling , and I love that it can entertain both of them, both being babies but 16 months apart! They play with them so well together, I mean look how cute they are!!!


Silas also uses them as a teething toy! Can’t beat that ;)


The thing I love about these toys the most, is that they do not need batteries! I am going to be honest, I absolutely hate toys that have batteries. We just steer clear of them in our home! You don’t have to worry about them with this TOMY collection! The collection includes the:

Pop and hatch,Flapee Stackees, and the Sort & Pop spinning UFO ( which has become my babies favorite! Even my 4 year old!)

You can find these at your local Target ,or target online!

Watch the video below to see how they work :)

Hope you all have a fabulous Friday!!!!


| These toys were recieved from TOMY toys for honest review |

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Ecopiggy | Natural Products for kids!

Hello , mommies! Life has been crazy over here but I am feeling super blessed. Its been a while since I have been able to post and for very good reason :) If you would have asked me 4 years ago if I would have two babies under the age of 20 months, both teething and in diapers, I would have laughed at you! But God had different plans. His ways are better than ours thats for sure! Our sweet little Silas has been the best surprise we have ever received! He is such a blessing and such a joyful baby boy! I am so excited to launch my first of many blog posts for the year of 2018 bringing you my favorite baby products! 


Sam and Silas have both been teething together. Its been quite the journey lately but I seriously haven't been able to make it without our eco friendly Ecopiggy teethers & their nasal aspirator


(These boys are just the sweetest together!!!! But I have to be careful- one minute Sam is an angel and the next minute he is going at Silas' head like its an apple !)


The Calmies Eco Teether is super easy for my 4 month old to grab onto, and can easily be hooked onto a paci clip for convenience! The blocks have been fun for Sam as he likes to play with them one minute and chew on them the next! He has been biting and chewing on everything lately so he has really been enjoying these!!! 


The nasal aspirator has come in great use with the slightly runny nose that comes along with teething + the crazy thick pollen we have had around here in GA lately! It has my little Sam & Silas all clogged up on and off. The thing that I love about the nasal aspirator is how it is different from all of the other ones on the market! I love that there is no filter that you have to replace. All you do is simply wash the little parts out and they are super easy to clean and dry so there is no risk of bacteria forming! It comes with e carry bag, a cleaning brush and a travel cap. The tip is rubber so its soft touching their little noses. This is a must have with a baby!!! You can find all of their amazing products here and follow them on IG here



Take %20 off with my coupon code mommyhood20 just for reading!



While you are at it, go ahead and snatch up one of their awesome natural rubber pacifiers. Seriously- I'm in love with all things Ecopiggy! Silas loves his and I love how it resembles the breast as it lightly touches their nose. They have been the best pacifiers! ( And not to mention they match any outfit - its a win win! )


Have a wonderful week, mommies!!! 




Ppippilong Kids | Fun PJs for kids!

Happy Friday Mommies! Ever have those days that are gloomy and rainy and you just feel like doing nothing but relaxing in your pjs, making brownies and sitting your butt down to watch a show or movie? Thats our day over here today! 

Ppippilong kids recently sent us these adorable pajamas and the kids love them! They're so fun and bright,which are also perfect for all day pj days! Ppippilong is a famous South Korean brand that is known for their soft high quality fabric with bright and fun characters. They launched in 2007 and are inspired by Astrid Lindgren's "Pippi Longstocking".

The kids love these pjs and for some reason the combination of a freshly made up bed + awesome pjs is an invitation for jumping ! :) Of course in real life, its all fun and games until someone gets hurt ;) If any memory is stronger than another when they get older, it will definitely be their memories of jumping on mommy and daddy's bed all the time! It just brings them so much joy!!!

I urge you to check them out and give them a follow on Instagram as well as their awesome website !

Just for reading you get %20 off of your purchase using the code PPIPPI20

They are also doing a giveaway right now for your chance to win a free pair of pajamas every month for a whole year plus a playtime teepee! You can enter by clicking




Enjoy mamas, and shop on!! Hope everyone has a great weekend! 





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Time : Please slow down | JORD Wood Watches | Review & Giveaway

Time , please slow down.

They always tell you "you better soak up this time because they grow up too fast." You especially hear it in your first pregnancy! It becomes the phrase that you just began shaking your head to because you have heard it a million times. "yeah yeah yeah, I heard you , they grow up too fast". But then suddenly, your first baby is going on 5 years old and your middle child is going on 3 years old and just like that, you have a 3 month old and BAM you have three kids under 4 years old 😳😂 Yes, they DO grow up SO fast, and I don't want time to go any faster! 


The more kids you have , the more you realize how this saying is so true. I feel like time has just been slipping through my fingers over the last few months and it's only going by faster! 

With my first two babies, I was able to rock them and hold them ALL the time. I soaked up every single moment with them that I could. I feel like the older they have gotten, the harder motherhood has become trying to balance and maintain homeschool preschool activities, dishes, cleaning up, never ending laundry, potty training, full time photography business, and the constant go go go of mommyhood life. I'm so thankful for such an amazing and supportive and hard working husband. ❤️

My sweet third baby hasn't gotten as much snuggle rocking time because , well life with toddlers and needs having to be met constantly. God definitely blessed me with an easy going third baby and for that I am extremely grateful! I definitely sneak in as many cuddles and snuggles that I can get when I can get them though! He's such a snuggly thing!! Over the last 4-5 months, ( before Sam was born and a little after)  I felt like I was constantly always trying to play catch up. Catch up on laundry, catch up on work, catch up on organizing, and organizing all over again and again. There was always stuff, and toys everywhere and I realized it was starting to run my life. My Time. My time was being spent constantly cleaning and picking up minute after minute , telling the kids to pick up this, pick up that, day after day, but nothing was ever getting finished. i felt like I was constantly feeling so stressed all of a sudden (and probably a good mix with pregnancy hormones! ;) )  because nothing was ever getting completely finished. And time with my kids  was starting to suffer. It was seriously like that phrase you hear "trying to eat Oreos while trying to brush your teeth.."- I can only imagine! 😂 Nothing was getting finished and by time I turned around everything was upside down again. 

After I had sweet Samuel, I came across a blog written by  Allie Casazza - The purposeful housewife . The more and more I read her blogs, the more I realized how much I related to it.. So inspirational! SO thankful I have found her blog! I feel like everything I read on her page is coming from me! That was exactly where I was in my life at the moment when I came across it. It was seriously the game changer for me. 

She talks a lot about how to purge your life, the clutter in your home, on your calendar, in your children's bedrooms, and how to start running the clock, and not letting the clock run you.   


I'm not completely done with this big "purge" but am getting very close to being at the end of it! I can see the light, and the light load feels amazing. I have made the decision to stop racing the clock, and instead, tell the clock what's up! I've never been one to have schedules, but somewhat of a routine now that we have baby number three is feeling pretty amazing. Routines are always changing as babies grow, but I'm happy to have more free time to soak up this time with my babies while maintaining a "straightened up" home. It's not perfect by any means, but the load is so much lighter

Now , I have so much more free time to spend with my kids, and cuddle time with my sweet baby boy. In the blink of an eye, he has hit 3 and half months. I want to do better about giving my time to my husband, babies, family, friends, and more importantly, give way more time than I usually do to the Lord.  It's so refreshing to now check the time in the mornings to see that it's only 9:30 and my whole house is already cleaned , no dishes are in the sink or dishwasher ( most days now) and all I have on my planner for the next 8 hours is to teach my kids, cook, bake, sing, get our worship on, play with blocks, teach sight words and just be with them.i I actually love looking at the time on the clock now!  Time is so irreplaceable , you can't get these moments back. I challenge you to declutter the things in your life that aren't necessary and that don't bring you joy but that end up taking up way too much of your time. I challenge you to manage the clock, don't let the clock manage you. 

That is just a little bit of where I am right now in the land of motherhood. I know i'm not alone and its nice to know that its very normal for moms to feel this way but its also nice to know that you can also find freedom & that it doesn't always have to feel so stressful. My life has been even more incredibly busy since having this precious bundle of Joy than it was before, and spending all of this time decluttering over the last few months has definitely been such hard work. But the reward has been amazing. Today mama, I challenge you. You can do it! Give the gift of time to you family. Don't let the clock run your life. These moments are fleeting <3 Lets work together on showing that clock who's boss!!! Look forward to looking at the time on the clock, don't dread it any longer! Give the gift of time to your children. They need you ❤️



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You can give time in memories by purging the unnecessary stuff out of your life and making time for the things which are the most important , but you can also give the gift of time physically with an amazing wood watch from JORD wood watches!! 😍 Just for you!!!! Also- how amazing is this dark sandalwood and blue carbon wood watch my husband is sporting in these photos? Good news mamas- they also have women's watches- and they're stunning !!!

These watches are so uniquely made and so beautiful! They also come in a uniquely designed wooden box to hold it in or to be used for other little things you don't want to lose! They offer a beautiful variety of modern men & women's watches.


You do not want to miss out on this giveaway! Its just so simple! Just click here to sign up! Contest will end on November 27th at 11:59 p.m and the winner will be automatically selected and emailed! The $20 code will expire on 2/28/2017.


Well, what are you waiting for? Go enter and tell all of your friends! :)

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*This blog post was Sponsored by JORD Wood Watches*

Wooden Wristwatch

Hello, World!

JJ Cole - Bundle me up and take me out |Review|

| This post was sponsored by JJ Cole and items were sent in exchange for honest review |


Sometimes you just have to "bundle up" and go on an adventure! Being home all day with two active toddlers and a newborn, its SO refreshing just to get out in nature, go on adventures and play in the leaves! The mornings have been the perfect time because the weather is cool and crisp, and the kids are rested and happy! Plus, kids take better naps when they have been active all morning, right?! ALL of us mamas know how important nap time is! ;)

 I absolutely love this season of life that we are in. AND the season of the year, too! With the leaves changing, it brings all sorts of warm feelings (and pretty warm colors, too!). I love the simplicity of childhood. Finding sticks, playing in leaves and in dirt are just a few of my kids favorite things!

S I M P L I C I T Y.

Toddlerhood is beautiful, exciting, adventurous and so simple.


it really is the little things to them. Making memories that will last them a lifetime. By nature, children just love to get down in the dirt and play, and get dirty!

Our trip to the park this week couldn't have been a smoother "ride" for Sam! Having our JJ Cole "bundle me" for the stroller was just the perfect addition to making sure he was happy, cozy and warm while we ventured out and looked for rocks, sticks and play in the leaves.

The JJ Cole Bundleme has been around for more than 15 years! It is an amazingly simple, and stylish solution for bundling your little ones without having to worry about their blankets falling out of the stroller! How many of you mommies usually just wrap a blanket around your little ones to try and keep them warm but constantly have the problem of the blankets falling off? Which usually result in running it over with the stroller by accident and then it getting super dirty! At least in our case anyway. Can I get an amen? This use to happen to me all the time! The bundle me makes it so much more simple. Its a plus that its super cozy as well and has an easy zipper for adjusting and just clips around the back of the strollers !! Can I have an adult size please??? 




We have the "Urban Ice" color and I love how neutral it is! 




He was so cozy in his bundle me, I even got to play in the leaves with my sweet precious babies!

No matter how overwhelmed you may feel some weeks, how sleep deprived you may feel, or how hard it is sometimes venturing out with your kids, remember,

"How we spend our days is, of course; how we spend our lives". - Annie Dillard


Go out for an awesome adventure, let your kids be kids and explore, and go home for an amazing nap! :) Not a better way to start the weekend! 


Happy Friday Mamas!! 


| This post was sponsored by JJ Cole and items were sent in exchange for honest review |

Preschool Learning Letters & Numbers | Charlee and Me Creation

I recently stumbled across Charlee and Me Creation on instagram, and immediately fell in love with her shop! Lindsey is a former bilingual kindergarten teacher turned stay at home mommy of 2 precious little girls! She is so sweet to work with! If you follow her instagram, (which you should totally go do right now!! :) )  she is always posting new ideas and ways to use them for learning activities! As a fellow mom of preschoolers, I got major googley eyes when I seen these learning magnetic letters and numbers! I love anything that Mayci and Parker can use to further their little ever growing minds!

We personally use to have the little plastic ones and I got so tired of finding them strewed all over the house and worrying about whether or not the magnets were going to fall out, or if my littlest was going to choke on one! These are absolutely perfect because they are big enough for their little hands, and the magnets are sewed on the inside! How awesome is that? Its a plus that they are adorable!!! 

You can use them on the fridge, dishwasher, or anything else that is magnetic, or not! You can use them for so many various activities and we have really been enjoying them! 


On a side note: We start homeschool preschool this year! We have already pretty much gotten a jumpstart on it doing so many activities like these. I have been so amazed lately at how much she has been soaking up. She recently in the past month has learned how to write her first and middle name! Their little minds are just growing more and more every day at this age and its been such a fun age! Any other fellow moms of preschoolers who are homeschooling as well? I would love to connect and share ideas! This age is so fun for hands on learning and creative play, thats why we love these letters and numbers so much! 

Happy FRIDAY everyone!!!! I hope you have had a wonderful day and I hope you all fell in love with these as much as I did the first time I laid eyes on them! :) You should definitely go snag yours up now! Just for reading, you can get free shipping this weekend using the code:

FREESHIPPING on her etsy !!!!! 


Have a great weekend everyone!!!




Going on an adventure | Little Adventure Toys



       As my kids are growing bigger, they are realizing and understanding more and more of what their mommy does as her profession. Now when I head out to go shoot a session in the evenings for clients, Mayci knows exactly where i'm going and that i'm going to take photos of other kids, families and little babies. She has shown so much interest lately in photography, and it makes my heart so happy!:) I may have a little assistant on my hands in the near future!!!!! 

    This little wooden camera has been one of the cutest and best little pretend toys for my "little assistant". The little "lens" actually turns too so she can "focus" her images! She loves feeling like mommies little helper and taking photos with her camera, too! The sweet mommy, Joni behind the adorable shop Little Adventure Toys feels like creative play and hands on toys are so important and I couldn't agree more! I love seeing their little imaginations come to life while using these adorable , simple and fun little wooden toys! She makes everything from teethers up to magnetic alphabet letters! So many fun simple toys for your growing & thriving babies and toddlers! 

     There are so many to choose from, i'm going to have a hard time choosing when I order a teether for this little bundle growing in my belly! 



You can now receive %15 off of your purchase with Little Adventure Toys !!!!


Use code: FORTHELOVE from now until April 21st! 


Instagram | Website 







| This product was provided by Little Adventure Toys for review |

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{ Dairy & gluten free } Yummy Potato Soup


So this pregnancy I have been craving potato soup like a mad woman! Something about the carbs and creaminess I just want it ( a lot!) I absolutely love cheddars potato soup but I don't want to keep having to get it from there. We have potatoes at home so why not try and make my own?!:) I searched for recipes and came across one that was just chicken broth, potatoes, carrots celery and onion and almond milk. I took that recipe and tweaked it to my own! 

i do have to say it's pretty tasty 😍 AND I did it in the crockpot so i didn't have to do much in the kitchen long ! Here is the recipe if your a potato soup lover! 

 - 6 russet potatoes diced

-3 large organic carrots diced 

-half of an onion chopped up

 - 4 cups of chicken broth

- 1 cup of almond milk  

- t tbsp corn starch  

- 1/2 cup of shredded cheddar daiya dairy free cheese  

- 1 tbsp Earth balance butter  

-salt  , pepper & garlic powder to taste

-green onions & turkey bacon for garnish !  

  • Add chopped onion, potatoes & carrots in crockpot along with chicken broth and salt, pepper & garlic powder
  • Cook on high for about 3 hours or all day on medium/low.  
  • After 3 hours, add almond milk & cornstarch together, and then add into crockpot along with the cheese. 
  • Mix it all together very well and then pour into your blender. Blend it all together until creamy ( or you can leave everything chunky but I like mine smooth ! )  
  • ( you can also add a few tbsp of dairy free sour cream if you wish! I had some in my fridge so I added it !)  
  • Serve and add Baked turkey bacon and crumble on top ( or eat with it) and garnish with green onions, more cheese if you wish and anything else you like on your potato soup! 

I hope you enjoy yours as much as we did & I hope everyone is having a weekend full of cute babies, fun family moments, messy kitchens , cooking, baking, laundry & sweeping like I am!! 😆😆😘❤️



Posted on March 5, 2016 .

The Vintage Honey Shop

The vintage honey shop is a fun business run by two beautiful mothers ( and also sister-in-laws) who are from Nashville , TN. They create  beautiful nursing necklaces which also double as teething nexklaces! They come in all sorts of fabulously adorable designs to match Every mothers individual tastes, so you can style it with your wardrobe too! Let's face it- while it's SO sweet that your baby wants to pull your hair and squeeze the skin off your face or lips while nursing , it isn't always comfortable 😜 


Parker has been weaned since November and I totally wish I would have had this awesome necklace for those times during nursing! 



Want to to order one for yourself and your sweet little babe, or get one for a friend as a baby gift? Well you can! You can take %15 off of your purchase today!

Take %15 off of your entire order when you use code:  VHSHARE  ! 

Take a look around at their shop, scroll through their Instagram feed or Facebook for some gorgeous shots of all of their amazing necklaces and stay updated with new products & discounts! You will be swooning over all of their beautiful stuff !!! 😍



Have a beautiful new week, friends! 😊


Posted on February 26, 2016 .